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Dan Chytil, Managing Director, INEXAD s.r.o. (Hamley's toyhouse), Prague:

"With an individual and sensitive approach significant improvement in sales results was achieved. (...) The workshops included an evaluation of current team members, setting development goals, individual plans to achieve goals, sales training and final evaluation."

Howard Cohen, Vice President - General Manager, Clise Properties - Hotel Division,
Seattle, WA, USA:

"Nandaru taught us to follow" Yes ... And "theory dealing with looking for" win-win "solutions."

Klára Lauritzenová, Managing Director, Systemic Institute, s.r.o.

"I like to cooperate with Nandaru. They are inspiring by their openness, creativity and professional humility. They helped us with many projects that would not be so lively and discerning without their contribution."

Filip Doušek, CEO, Stories s.r.o.

"The idea of speaking at a conference in Texas in front of 700 people in English and feeling good would be hard to believe. Thanks to several sessions with Pavel from Nandaru, it has happened. I recommend you to experience it."

Drew McCreadie, Creative Director, The Comedy Club Bangkok:

"I am sure that many of the participants will take their new-found knowledge with them back to their daily lives."

We´ve also worked for these organizations:

Institut plánování a rozvoje hm. m .Prahy, Komunitní centrum Mezi domy, Městská část Praha 3, Tesco Procurement, DDM hl. m Prahy, VOŠ ekonomických studií a Střední průmyslová škola potravinářských technologií.

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