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Selling skills

The strongest selling tool is you - your personality. Do you know it and can you use it well?

Thanks to applied improvisation, you will learn to act truly, tune in with the client, and respond promptly to oppositions or arguments of the other party.

What you will take from the course

  • You will know when you act convincingly and you will learn to do it consciously
  • Ability to quickly respond
  • You will learn to build a unique relationship with the client and work with the atmosphere
  • Understand the mechanisms of authentic selling in practical and theoretical levels
  • Good mood thanks to the experience of the game

Framework content

  • Basic theories of negotiation and preparation for negotiation
  • Borders between sale and manipulation
  • Authenticity as the basis for the credibility and persuasiveness
  • Own interest vs. "Slogans' presentation"
  • Self-censorship and stereotypes as barriers to readiness and creativity


Other Workshop Topics: