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Presentation Skills

The presentation is an opportunity to excite others. Present your thoughts in a form that engages and inspires. Put the elements of storytelling and stand-up in the presentation and learn to speak naturally with a stronger voice without getting tired.

Applied improvisation uses exercises and games to learn with quick responses, clear communication, collaboration, and widening of attention.

What you will take from the course

  • The freedom to prepare your own effective presentation
  • Ability to respond to listeners with savvy and without stage-fright
  • You will learn to work with silence, eye contact, voice and body language
  • Motivating experience of your own authentic speech
  • Constructive feedback on your speech

Framework content

  • Preparation for the presentation
  • Patterns of public appearance
  • Voice training
  • Techniques of storytelling, stand-up and comedy improv
  • Finding and using your individual strengths as a speaker


Other Workshop Topics: