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Leadership and authenticity

Which people do you naturally value and respect in your life? Only a few people mention their superiors. What is wrong...?

Put away your leadership lessons. Find out when people naturally react to you as to a leader. Find the courage to say "I do not know". Learn to think in stories that will inspire others for your vision.

Applied improvisation uses exercises, games and reflections to learn quick responses, clear communication and creative collaboration.

What you will take from the course

  • Ability to become a natural authority with respect to your personal prerequisites
  • Enhance your ability to empathize and nonviolently lead others
  • Use the power of (own) story
  • You will look at the usefulness of your stereotypes in leading people
  • Good mood thanks to games and excercices

Framework content

  • Charisma as a skill
  • Authenticity and empathic response
  • Storytelling - Lead Through The Story
  • Value system as a source of power
  • The power of underlying power


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