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Communication and cooperation

It is said that 95% of conflicts are just misunderstandings that can be prevented mainly by better communication. For success, not only skills of individual people, but also their ability and willingness to effectively negotiate and cooperate are important.

Applied improvisation uses exercises, games and reflections to learn quick responses, clear communication and creative collaboration.

What you will take from the course

  • The art of expressing your opinion so that your opinion is clear and readable for the other side
  • An experience of your own authentic expression that you can further develop and consolidate
  • Taste more often
  • Ability to respond in unexpected situations efficiently and with savvy
  • Good mood thanks to the experience of the game

Framework content

  • Mistake as a source of knowledge
  • Automatisms and self-censorship as two obstacles to authentic communication
  • Empathy towards individuals and the group
  • What happens when nothing happens? - The importance of silence and attention to detail
  • Rational and emotional communication
  • Cognitive distortions


Other Workshop Topics: