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The work environment is sometimes too formal and hinders cooperation, spontaneity and natural motivation. Experience teambuilding that will entertain, empower the team spirit and give you and your team strength in challenging situations.

You will focus on your ability to collaborate effectively, to communicate authentically and to get around the common goal.

Applied improvisation will teach you to act promptly and creatively. Thanks to the game-based system and the theatrical improvisation, you learn to develop the ideas of others, listen to each other, and allow yourself to enter new situations beyond stereotypes.

Teambuilding is built in an entertaining way with space for participants to reflect. Games and exercises are interwoven with practical tips and a little theory from the area of soft-skills.

What will you take away from teambuilding?

  • Understanding the importance of collaboration
  • New practical soft-skills
  • Experience of yourself in a new perspective
  • Will to win as a team
  • Commitment of the collective thanks to common experiences

Framework content

  • Stereotypes in communication and social mask
  • Creativity as a result of authenticity and cooperation
  • Assuming responsibility and everyday leadership
  • Organization as a living system
  • Dialog across levels of organisation