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Individual Training

Individual training combines the knowledge of applied improvisation and psychological coaching.

Individual training is appropriate when:

  • You are preparing for a new position or role or an important event.
  • You have already worked on your soft-skills and you have a clear idea what you want to change.
  • Want to get feedback and know where to grow further.
  • You want to find your own development goal in the field of authentic communication 
    and improvisation and work on it.

Individual training sessions usually take the form of one-to-one meetings. Possibility is one-time consultations or a series of meetings in which we will, besides training, also work with your goal and reflect the progress.

Our success is your success!


Standard themes:

  • Unlocking and developing creativity
  • Readiness and ability to improvise
  • Authentic and self-confident presentation
  • Voice training

Actual topics are always based on individual consultation.