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Thai Impro (January 2018)

At the end of the year, we went to Bangkok, where we had a workshop for the expats. A group of 14 people waited for us. They were predominantly employees of Western companies operating in Bangkok.

Since the workshop took place in the early evening, I agreed to focus on the comic potential of improvisation, and the workshop was not only a training of alert and authenticity of speech, but also a good day after day relaxation.




Improvisation Festival in Krakow (November 2017)

In November 2017, we participated in the Improfest 2017 International Festival in Krakow.

We have selected two quotes from theatrical improvisation workshops for you, which can be applied to the work of people in organizations.


"Place yourself and things will happen" Susan Messing, Chicago

  • Comment: When improvising on stage, we have to let our teammates know who we are to know how to react to us - how to play with us. Similarly, the team should be readable to our colleagues. Sometimes you need to become better aware of yourself (self-determination) and things start happening.

"Explore a highten. Do not invent and justify." Rachael Mason, Chicago

  • Comment: We will achieve creative results by developing what's around us. Inventions from scratch are unnecessarily demanding. Collaborate with others on developing and their ideas.

The week in Krakow ended with a short improvisation performance for the audience.



Power in Seattle (June 2017)

In Seattle (WA, USA), we have a workshop titled "Where is my Power as a Manager / Leader?" For Clise Properties management.

Here are some of the participants' final answers to a question in the workshop title:

  • "In the trust."
  • "In the past experience."
  • "Having each other's back."
  • "Power is letting all people know they're having power."
  • "Power comes from being trusted and listened to."

... and where do you perceive your strength?