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About us

We are a group of professionals helping individuals, organizations and teams to reach their full potential in terms of creativity, business, cooperation and leadership.

We use methods and principles of theatrical improvisation in a non-theatrical environment - the so-called applied improvisation.

Advantages of applied improvisation

  • You learn practically - games and exercises develop specific skills
  • Holistic approach - you work with the emotional and rational components of your personality
  • It leads to independence - through reflections, you learn the general principles of creative cooperation
  • Entertainment - attractive environment of exercises and games
  • Authenticity - you are looking for solutions that come from you

Principles of our work

  • We respect your speed - we prepare you challenges that you can succeed in
  • We do what works - we build on modern knowledge about human behavior and the effectiveness of teams and organizations
  • We aim precisely - the workshops are tailored to your needs


Pavel Wieser.pngPavel Wieser

Improvizer, systemic coach and lecturer of applied improvisation.

Leader of the improvisation group Poločas Nápadu and a player of the group Klika. Co-founder of the international improvisation festival Zpatra and its Program Director (2016, 2017). Member of the Presidium of the Czech Association of Coaches, and in psychotherapy training in Carl Rogers' approach.

From improvisation theater, he has a particular interest in being in the present moment. In his lectures he focuses on authenticity and creativity.



Katerina Novakova.pngIng. Kateřina Nováková

Throughout her professional life, she has been able to get to know the world of advertising and construction companies, and this experience helps her understand the world of business and entrepreneurship. She uses this experience as a lecturer and consultant.

Apart from the construction industry, she is dedicated to the improvisation theater. She is in daseinsanalytic psychotherapy training and is a passionate traveler.

She believes that boundaries and limits are often only the product of our mind, and that there is much more power and potential within us than we can possibly imagine.

We are members of the Applied Improvisation Network.ain-logo-3.png